Monday - 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 pm by appointment only

Tuesday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. until 7:00

Friday - 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 pm 

Saturday - 8:00 am until 4:00 pm

Sunday - Closed


20% Senior Discount on regular priced services - Must be 65 and better!

WRAP & FLAT IRON $ 60.00 

The hair is wrapped and molded to form fit the head to achieve a flat smooth affect then straightened with a thermal iron for a shiny silky finish on relaxed hair. 

FLAT IRON AND CURL OR PRESS-N-CURL $60.00 and up*                             

This is a temporary straightening service where product and thermal tools are used to relax the curl pattern for a short term effect on natural hair.

SHAMPOO & SET $ 60.00                                                                 

Basic directional roller set.                   

Finger Waves $60.00 and up*                                                                                                                         

Hair set in an “S” wave pattern using the finger to form the pattern using gel and setting lotion for a hard set or curled with marcel irons and waves for a soft wave set affect.

SHAMPOO BLOW DRY CURL$ 60.00 and up*                                         

Shampooed blow dry or dried under hair dryer curled with marcel irons or thermo irons and styled.

ROLLER WRAP $60.00                                                                       

Hair is set on rollers, dryed, wrapped and molded to form the head smoothing the curl and styled.


Moisturizing/de-tangling conditioner is included with all services - Deep Conditioning is additional. Deep Conditioning is inclusive with regular priced relaxer service.

There are many benefits to treating your hair with a deep conditioner. It's one of the best things you can do for your hair.

  • Using a deep conditioner on a regular basis can help your hair bounce back from dryness and damage.                                                                            
  • Your hair's elasticity will improve because of the emollients and other moisturizing ingredients in the conditioner.                                                                

Deep Conditioning     $ 15.00 and up              Aphogee Treatment $ 15.00

Hot Oil Treatment   $  10.00                      Color Correct Treatment $ 35.00


FLEXI HSET$ 70.00 and up* 

Hair is set on flexible rod type roller to achieve springy spiral ringlet curls this service can be done on relaxed and most natural.

SPIRAL SET$ 60.00 and up*                                                                   

An edgy, modern version of the Shirley Temple curls

PINUPS & Specialty Styles $ 60.00 and up*                                                  

Up do hair styles or side sweeps

Mizani Relaxer System

Touch Up $80.00

Virgin Relaxer $90.00

“Only the Basic Set or Blow Dry Curl is included with Relaxer System".

Specialty Styles, Trims and Cuts are “ADDITIONAL”.

Hair Cuts and Trims

Artistry Precision and Razor Haircut $25 and up+

Artistry Trim$15 and up+

This service is only to shape the ends of hair.

Bang-Bang Bangs $10.00 and up+

Shampoo & Haircut $45 and up
Includes product styling and blow dry fluff.

 Color Care by SoColor by Matrix

Virgin Color**+

This color service is the initial (1st application) color to achieve the desired processed affect to the full head of hair. 

Demi Color - $40 and up

Permanent Colors $50 and up

Touch-Up Color**+                                                                          

Follow-up service after a virgin color is recommended between 6-10 weeks after initial color service.  Color is applied only to new growth.

Demi Colors and $30 and up

Permanent Colors $40 and up

Initial Highlights and Lowlights(consultations required)****+

Strands of hair throughout the head are lighted and/or colored this requires detailed sectioning to create desired effects.

CAP - Partial $45.00                                                                           

CAP - Full Head$ 90.00

Foil - Partial $50.00 *and up
Foil – Full Head $100.00****+

Touch-Up Highlights and Lowlights Color

Follow-up service after a virgin color is recommended between 10-12 weeks after initial color service unless the guest is achieving the “OMBRE” trend.

Corrective Color – $95 ***(color correct treatment and reapply color for demi/temporary colors only) and up.  Permaent Color correct/change requires consultation and treatment to assure that the hair is strong enough to avoid damage.  The color correct/change a previous color application service is by the request of the guest.

METALEX TREATMENT - 35.00***+                                                       

Removes temporary and semi-permanent haircolor build-up and residue from styling products, prepares damaged hair for chemical services, and conditions damaged hair. It can also be used to correct color build-up in specific areas of the hair immediately.

Illusions (consultations required)****+

Partial - Sewn In Weave $30.00 per track

Full Head - Sewn In Weave start at $ 190.00

Partial Bonding $25.00 and up, per-track                                       

Recommended for a Temporary Styling affect

Quick Weave and Fantasy Weave Styles are priced based on style.

High Quality Human Hair is for sale by request – Cost will be discussed during consultation.

Guest are required to bring the brand of hair to best match the desired texture and color for the “Illusion”.

 Natural Hair Care Services

Single Strand Twist Out - $70 and up*
Also know as comb coils or twisties once dry the stylist splits each twist to create a fuller look.

Two Strand Twists - $75 and up*
Hair is individually sectioned and each section is divided into two strands that are then twisted around each other until the ends of the hair are reached.

Braids and Loc Services - $75.00 and up*

Gel Twist - $65.00 and up*                                                                 

Small units of hair twisted using the teeth of the rat tail comb, gel and coconut oil

*    Prices may change based on length and coarseness of the hair.
**  The price includes a moisturizing/de-tangling conditioner - Deep conditioning is additional".

*** By appointment only

+   Cost of hair style